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A blog just to showcase the songs and talent from musical theatre and movie musicals over the last century, with a peppering of jazz and folk singers. A theme a day, as many songs as Tumblr allows.

Feel free to suggest a theme! Also: I do have a huge collection and I lose track of the audios. If something belongs to you and you prefer it be taken down, please do let me know. I'll amend immediately.

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I promise to go back to curating what I actually put on this site now that it seems I would have a tad more time on my hands, but for tonight, here’s another random: Bob Gunton with Debbie Gravitte and Betsy Joslyn singing God-Why-Don’t-You-Love-Me Blues from Follies to a jazz band - just because jazz and Sondheim makes me happy.

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Judy Kaye,
Wall to Wall Gershwin

The new Tumblr activity chart is depressing. I was looking for cheerer-upper’s and Gershwin is usually my go-to composer. Usually. Here’s Judy Kaye singing I Got Rhythm. That woman has more than rhythm, damn these talented people.

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Anthony Warlow,
Centre Stage

I lied. Here we go, Starting with Anthony Warlow’s latest album. I am a sucker for any cover off La Cage Aux Folles because I adore that musical, and I do love Warlow - for whom I could actually re-watch Annie.

Edit: what I meant to say: latest Warlow album on my iTunes, instea of latest album! Posts not to be put up at 2 am *cries* thanks for pointing out!!

I am still alive. Regular programming to resume next Monday! Suffice to say,  the good Lord Almighty has been very kind but I am in process of quickly returning to the embrace of subsidised and readily accessible healthcare, which requires yet another round of relocation.

which version of Anthem do you prefer? :)
blues2broadway blues2broadway Said:

Late reply! Hmmm… I am hard pressed for an answer, mostly because the 1983 version was raw and he was less given to vocal theatrics then, making it a tad more heartfelt, while the 2013 version was a study of vocal mastery, with fantasic power. I lean towards the latter only because I heard that one live! :D

… and so I have been away again in my longest absence from the Internet since I discovered ADSL. Let me begin by saying that the scariest thing to ever happen to a former military woman with a colourful medical history in the middle of a road trip through the underdeveloped world is discovering that she might well be pregnant (forget ‘might’; I am pretty damm sure I am) and not being anywhere near a medical service in a language she could speak.

That and knowing that if she should inform her husband now, he would be freaking out even more an entire continent away.

Her solution is to pay an exorbitant amount for Internet, just so she can make an appointment a week away in Prague and hope that her body can take the abuse till then. Then finding her way onto her blog to listen to her (very well selected) music with said Internet and vent to a group of relative and, best of all, ‘invisible’ strangers - because if she tells anyone in RL now, she would have to expend too much effort to placate friends and family with tender nerves and she is having a big enough headache rationalising through her own fears as it is.

In case you are wondering why this place dried up. God willing, I’ll be going to Ruthie Henshall concert in the middle of Suffolk at the end of the month and I should have a recording then for you.

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Colm Wilkinson,
Live in concert

AND… this is him singing the same song 27 years ago. 

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Colm WIlkinson,
Live at the Lyceum Theatre

Tonight’s “Let’s Compare!” (if Tumblr allows): Colm Wilkinson singing Anthem from Chess in 2013. 

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Colm Wilkinson,
Live at Lyceum Theatre

Colm Wilkinson’s cover of the Beatles’ She’s Leaving Home, Live at Lyceum Theatre, 24 Jun 13. 

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Colm Wilkinson,
Live at Lyceum Theatre

Colm Wilkinson’s First of May, Live at Lyceum Theatre, 24 Jun 13.