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A blog just to showcase the songs and talent from musical theatre and movie musicals over the last century, with a peppering of jazz and folk singers. A theme a day, as many songs as Tumblr allows.

Feel free to suggest a theme! Also: I do have a huge collection and I lose track of the audios. If something belongs to you and you prefer it be taken down, please do let me know. I'll amend immediately.

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Betsy Wolfe,
Live at 54 Below

ambitiousfreak asked what Betsy Wolfe sang at Adam Gwon’s concert.  Since I am two down with two more deadlines to go, I’ll do one better and just upload the song. :D She sings Uncharted Territory from his musical String. 

Wolfe is currently playing Cathy in Jason Robert Brown’s The Last Five Years - a musical whose concept and some songs I love, but whose production I am not as enthused about as half my friends. This current production is glitzier but not as gripping as the original.